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Southern type mix wild flower
Compared with the northern region, the southern region of my country has a warmer and humid climate, and the rainfall is generally above 800mm. When selecting flower varieties for the southern wild flower combination, the growth habits of the flowers are considered, and those that can well adapt to the climate of the southern region are selected. Flower varieties, these flowers can not only be planted in the southern regions, but also grow more robustly, with more flowers and longer flowering periods.
The flower varieties included in the southern-type wildflower mix are:
Item Latin Name Germiantion Purity
1 Silene Pendula 85% 90%
2 coreopsis  dwarf 85% 90%
3 Rudbeckia hirta 85% 90%
4 Coreopsis basalis 85% 90%
5 Dwarf cosmos sulphureus 85% 90%
6 linaria vulgaris 85% 90%
7 babysbreath 85% 90%
8 Gypsophila elegans 85% 90%
9 Liatris spicata 85% 90%
10 Centaurea cyanus 85% 90%
11 Gailardia aristata 85% 90%
12 Lobularia maritima 85% 90%
13 Papaver rthoeas 85% 90%
14 Echinacea purpurea 85% 90%

Dwarf Silene pendula
The colors are pink, purple, white, etc., colorful and charming;
The flowering period is mainly in May and June, and the flowering period is longer in the south;
The flower shape is similar to cherry blossoms. Although the flowers are large when they are open, they are neat and beautiful, not messy;
Likes warm and humid environment, widely distributed in southern regions.

coreopsis  dwarf
There are many color layers, from light to dark, white, pink, light purple, dark purple;
Flowering in June, the flowering period lasts until August, and the flowering in southern regions is earlier;
The growth rate is fast, different colors are matched well, and there are many uses;
It grows more vigorously in the southern region, and it is easier to manage and protect it.

Rudbeckia hirta
Black Heart Chrysanthemum is named after its flower color, the center of the flower is black, and the surrounding petals are golden yellow;
Rare varieties with long flowering period, blooming in May, until late autumn, the flowers continue to bloom;
Although there are not many colors, the colors are bright and splendid, the passion is high, and the vigorous vitality is ready to show;
There is an ornamental flower planted in most areas in the south

Coreopsis basalis
The flower color is dazzling golden yellow, and some varieties are bright yellow;
The flowering period is mainly in summer, concentrated in July to September;
When the rooster dances and the golden rooster announces the dawn, the vigorous vitality of the coreopsis inspires people to make progress and struggle;
It has a certain degree of cold resistance, but it grows stronger in warm and humid places.

Dwarf cosmos sulphureus
Eye-catching colors, golden yellow, orange yellow, orange red, publicize a wild beauty;
Flowering in summer and autumn, dwarf varieties have a longer flowering period;
The plant is growing vigorously, the dwarf Sulfur Chrysanthemum is not easy to bend over, and its posture is more upright;
I like the living environment in the southern region, and the colors are more gorgeous.

linaria vulgaris
The flowers are very colorful, yellow, purple, red, pink, etc., bright and lovely;
The flowering time is mainly concentrated from June to September, and the flower shape is small and delicate;
It is a flower and looks like a fish, especially like a colorful goldfish, the leaves are thin like a willow, and the posture is beautiful;
Likes sunshine, likes humidity, widely dis

The color is mainly light color, the color is pure, there are light yellow, light blue, light pink, light purple, etc., and pure white;
Flowering in May and June, if cultivated in the south, the flowering period will be longer;
With high ornamental value, it is also a classic cut flower material, which is very popular;
Early flowering time, fast growth rate, wide use and high value.

Gypsophila elegans
The flower color is orange-yellow, brilliant for seven miles, and after flowering, it is a large golden bright yellow;
Flowering in spring, like the messenger of spring, the amount of flowering is very large;
The flowers are splendid, and the large groups are open and full of vigor;
The flowering period is longer in the south, and it can still be viewed in summer, with extensive management.

Liatris spicata
The colors are mainly lavender and pure white, and the colors are more elegant;
Flowering from June to September, the beauty does not compete for spring, but only laughs in the bushes;
Elegant flower shape, good uprightness, tall and straight, like a slim lady;
Not afraid of water and humidity, likes humidity, not afraid of heat, suitable for the climate of the southern region.

The flowers of cornflower are mainly red, blue, purple and white, and the flowers are umbrella-shaped;
The flowering time is concentrated from June to August each year. If the sowing time is early, its flowering period will also be earlier;
Known as blue hibiscus, it has the appearance of hibiscus, the beauty of orchids, and has high ornamental value;
The vitality is very tenacious, like weeds, it grows more vigorously in the southern region and has more flowers.

Gaillardia pulchella
The color of the flowers is mainly yellow and orange-red, and some varieties have purple at the base, which is very gorgeous;
Generally, it blooms in spring and summer. The celestial chrysanthemum planted in the southern region has a longer blooming period and can also bloom in autumn;
The flower shape is relatively large, the shape and color are like small sunflowers, and the leaves are slender and shiny;
It is most widely cultivated in the central and southern regions of my country. It likes sunshine, and is resistant to drought and heat.

Lobularia maritima
The petals are mainly white and lavender, and the shape is oblong and distributed in clusters;
It can bloom from March and April, the flowering period can last until July and August, and the viewing time is long;
Most of the plants are prostrate growth, with a fragrant smell, refreshing;
It likes cold and cold, and is afraid of frost. It is distributed in many places in my country, especially in the southern region, where it is widely distributed.